Universal Supplies

product sourcing

UASS work with innovative brands that accurately fit the market profile of the GCC, through strong strategic alliances with international suppliers.

If you are a corporate buyer searching for a specific product, we are well equipped to help, using our diverse network of committed suppliers and manufacturers from all around the world. Our detailed product knowledge allows us to tailor a precise course of action for you, that simultaneously fits your budget and adapts comfortably to your stipulated operational agenda.

Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment  & Supplies:

  • Class Room Furniture
  • Storage solutions
  • Laboratory Furniture & Equipment
  • Library Furniture
  • Playground Equipment
  • Sports Equipment
  • Safety Surfacing
  • Auditorium Furniture

IT Products & Solutions:

  • Audio visual Equipment
  • Security & Control Systems
  • Detailed IT engineering


  • Education Resources
  • Education Books
  • Library Books

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