Universal Supplies

product sourcing

UASS work with innovative brands that accurately fit the market profile of the GCC, through strong strategic alliances with international suppliers, scrupulously outsourced from around the globe.

If you are a corporate buyer searching for a specific product, we are well equipped to help, using our diverse network of committed suppliers and manufacturers from all around the world. Our detailed product knowledge allows us to tailor a precise course of action for you, that simultaneously fits your budget and adapts comfortably to your stipulated operational agenda.

—Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment  & Supplies:

  • Class Room Furniture
  • —Storage solutions
  • —Laboratory Furniture & Equipment
  • —Library Furniture
  • —Playground Equipment
  • —Sports Equipment
  • —Safety Surfacing
  • —Auditorium Furniture
  • —Office Furniture

IT Products & Solutions:

  • —Library Management System
  • —Digital Archiving
  • —Audio visual Equipment
  • —Security & Control Systems
  • —Detailed IT engineering
  • —Physical and logical installation and provisioning


  • —Education Resources
  • —Education Books
  • —Library Books


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