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advisory services

For existing or new projects, we carefully identify all that is required to develop appropriate and sensible solutions to the key issues upon which achieving your goals depend, smoothly integrating your specified operating requirements, while delivering significant savings to your budget. We help you deal with the crucial concepts that will define your project’s success:

  • How to establish a curriculum
  • How to choose your pupils’ database analysis system that complies best with institutional and governmental requirements
  • How to keep expenses low in the design and construction of libraries, auditoriums and sports courts
  • How to predict the cost of educational furniture, equipment and supplies
  • Which type of equipment is most durable for daily classroom use
  • Which activities to consider for toddlers, junior or senior school environment
  • How to be economical without compromising space, quality and safety

Our team of experts have helped to: develop administrative and educational software; build intelligent computer networks; set up security and control systems; establish financial procedures (including remuneration structure and teaching budget); found universities, schools and nurseries and also helped to run them. Why not consult our experts at the earliest possible stage of your project lifecycle?