Universal Supplies

about us

Universal Academic Services and Supplies (UASS) provide a comprehensive and reliable spectrum of services for the education industry. The expertise of our staff and business partners enable us to offer bespoke solutions for the development and installation of academic facilities, effectively combining global sourcing, buying power and project procurement strategies. At UASS we excel in accommodating the widest variety of our clients’ requirements in everything from the supply of classroom equipment and school design, to top-level consultancy and logistical support. We are proud to be working closely with some of the world’s most reputable manufacturers in the academic sector, empowering UASS to provide the highest quality services, affordably and dependably, ensuring the timely success of our clients’ projects.

What can we do?

At UASS, we have a wealth of experience in organizing and facilitating the establishment of educational institutions. We are also pleased to administer ongoing support for the management of your institution: our knowledge of the market is such that we are sure of what works and what does not in setting up nurseries, schools and universities.

Our company’s success stems from carefully leveraging supply chain management with sector-specific expertise, to maximize the benefit to our clients in academic administration and project procurement ventures. Our insight will save you time and money in realizing your project’s greatest ambitions and establishing a proficient and esteemed educational institution in compliance with your particular operating requirements and with close attention to end-user satisfaction.

We arrange the provision of the most advanced and innovative technologies in educational equipment for the classroom, library and auditorium as well as technical apparatus for science, computer and design and technology laboratories, physical education and the playground. We also purvey outdoor structures, ground surfacing and sun shelters.

More added values?

First class administration consultancy is available in a broad range of disciplines including Management Information Systems (MIS), Business Process Implementation (BPI) and Operating Policies and Procedures (OPP), solidifying UASS’ reputation as an indispensible resource in this field.

With a meticulous approach to logistics, capacity, curriculum and budget parameters, and through a pragmatic, client-oriented, industry knowledge approach, we provide exemplary solutions to maximize efficiency, reducing unnecessary costs while encouraging a sustainable, responsible and profitable business practice.

At UASS, we are well suited to handle the purchasing, consultancy and distribution needs of any size and type of project anywhere in UAE and nearby GCC destinations; namely, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.